Top Ten Delicious Recipes in India

It’s time to know some best delicious prepared in India. Most of the delicious dish made in India are spicy, tasty and healthy too, prepared with natural ingredients and no artificial powders or ingredients added to the dish prepared. Travel India to taste more variety dishes.

Indian delicious can be classified according to the regional taste and practice. South Indian dishes are mostly spicy and North Indian’s prepare both spicy and sweet dishes. This blog will talk about the best Delicious Recipes prepared in India, that you should have them before you die.

Chicken Stew and Appam
This Stunning dish is prepared with chicken bathed with spice, dreamy coconut gravy with centered appams.

Banjari Gosht
Dish with Rajasthan flavors with Juicy Mutton Pieces.

Bhapa Aloo
Dish prepared with Bengali flavors and Potato.

Butter Chicken
Dish with butter on top.

Rogan Josh
One of the best dishes prepared in Kashmir.

Kakori Kebab
The famous recipe prepared in Lucknow.

Hyderabadi Biryani
Rice Cooked in “dum style”.

Steamed Cake prepared by Gujarati’s.

Sali Boti
Dish prepared with Succulent mutton chunks.

Idli and Sambhar
This Steamed rice pancake with healthy benefits.


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