As the infrastructure of India jumps ahead, the transportation gets enhanced. One big benefit is that Indians can at present get cross country highway trips to know-how our customs first hand. This is why; we have a collected a roll of Best highway Trips India has to recommend. Examine on to find a few of the most picturesque routes in the country.
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National Geographic finds a bunch of shots from diverse areas of the globe. Hundreds of photographers are ahead of you for the accurate minute to create eye-catching and spectacular pictures.

In West Bengal, cows call for a photo ID

Yes, it’s factual. Cows call to have a photo ID in West Bengal. It was being hard for the system to stop the unlawful smuggling of cows to the next-door country Bangladesh. Thus, the thought of issuing an ID to cows, from one of the administrator was given a waggle.
It’s time to know some best delicious prepared in India. Most of the delicious dish made in India are spicy, tasty and healthy too, prepared with natural ingredients and no artificial powders or ingredients added to the dish prepared. Travel India to taste more variety dishes.
The sport of mountain climbing was started in the year 1760. Before that humans were climbing mountains to possess it, and not a part of sports. Here are some lists of beautiful Mountains in India; some of the mountains on this still offer motivation for the professional mountaineer.
Kerala has become the gateway for holiday makers for 43 countries, which means availing Travel Visa on Arrival along with Electronic Travel Authorization. Effective from 27th November 2014, the Visa on Arrival enabled with Electronic Travel Authorization will allow travelers to apply and pay fee for visa online. Eligible candidates can receive the official travel authorization via email and have to present a written copy of constant to the immigration authorities upon their arrival in India. The two International airports located in kerala are Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Cochin Airport.

There are many benefits travelling solo in India. When you’re travelling you will be surrounded with diverse nature and vibrant culture people, so you don’t need anyone to accompany you in the journey. The India culture and traditions motivates and gives you a boost to mingle among the diverse culture people present in India. And nowadays there are many Service apartments and Homestays built around the beauty spots for accommodation. Get to know few top solo destination in India.

There are more than five hundred wildlife sanctuaries in India. In this post I’m going to share some top wildlife sanctuaries in India. Some of wildlife sanctuaries are also named as bird sanctuary. Wildlife is of national importance to preserve it from destruction. Tiger is the national animal of India. Tigers in India are commonly called as Bengal Tiger.
I have done a research on top tourist centers in India, and this post includes top tourist centers in North India and top tourist centers in South India. India is diverse, one among the most diverse countries on earth. India is country mixed with vast number of culture, tradition and religions; there more than 300 different languages spoken, more than 100 of festivals are celebrated yearly. Many outsiders visit India during festival times to watch the traditional celebration. Due to this it has given a boost to small scale entrepreneur, who start up a travel agency and provide travel service to customer from point to point.