Shocking Facts in India

In West Bengal, cows call for a photo ID

Yes, it’s factual. Cows call to have a photo ID in West Bengal. It was being hard for the system to stop the unlawful smuggling of cows to the next-door country Bangladesh. Thus, the thought of issuing an ID to cows, from one of the administrator was given a waggle.

If information is to be whispered, around 25,000 cows was every day being smuggled into Bangladesh from West Bengal? This figure after the execution of ‘Photo ID’ plan has considerably condensed.

Shocking Facts in India

India controls the world’s highest battlefield

Feeling proud? Well, you are supposed to!! At around 16,404 feet over sea level, Siachen glacier is the peak combat zone on Earth. And it entails a big deal of bravery to stand there and be ready to safeguard the nation.

Shocking Facts India

City Montessori School (Lucknow) is the largest school in the world

City Montessori School retains 20 branches in Lucknow, in which around 47,000 kids study, have fun and clean them. It was on track by Mr. Jagdish Gandhi and his spouse Bharti in 1959 with just five students. And now it is refer to the Guinness Book of World Records as world’s prime school.

Shocking Facts in India

Outside UK, the Royal Calcutta Golf Club is the oldest golf association

Cricket is not the merely game that British convey to India. Golf was also started by them to Indians and that also with identical thrill. The Royal Calcutta Golf association was recognized in 1829 when the East India Corporation was hiking to authority. Decades have approved and lots of empires have risen & fallen, but the association has still not lost its shine. Today, it is the center of city’s best and pinnacle players.

Shocking Facts in India

Non-residents are not permitted to Indian money out of the country

Allowed? Let me proper for my part! It’s unlawful if non-residents or outsider, deliberately or not deliberately, obtain Indian currency out of the nation. An RBI law, conceded in 2013, says all foreigners and non-residents are compulsory to swap rupees for other currencies prior to leaving the country.

Shocking Facts in India

More than a million Indians are millionaires

Reflecting a great example of a widening breach linking wealthy and unfortunate, a report says there are more than million millionaires In India.

Shocking Facts in India

An Indian man made a 1,360-acre forest

His given name is Jadav Payeng, and he started planting trees at the age of 16. In 1979, deluge had left a sandbar cleaned out and he considered consign could act as a safe haven for flora and fauna who vanished due to the usual disaster. He begun by burying seeds and within hardly any years his hard work started yielding outcome. The infertile ground was turning green and he determined to dedicate his being in dispersal the forest. It has been roughly 35 years and the forest is at the present house to elephants, tigers, deer and rhinos.

Shocking Facts in India

It was in 2008 forest bureaucrat observed his endeavor and extended the speech to many nationwide and worldwide establishment. Mr Jadav still lives in the forest and desires to carry on serving the forest and its population.


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