Kerala Visa-on-Arrival Enabled

Kerala has become the gateway for holiday makers for 43 countries, which means availing Travel Visa on Arrival along with Electronic Travel Authorization. Effective from 27th November 2014, the Visa on Arrival enabled with Electronic Travel Authorization will allow travelers to apply and pay fee for visa online. Eligible candidates can receive the official travel authorization via email and have to present a written copy of constant to the immigration authorities upon their arrival in India. The two International airports located in kerala are Thiruvananthapuram Airport and Cochin Airport.

Visa on Arrival

This new rule will make tourists travel to kerala, and nearby places like Coorg, Mysore, Chickmagalur and many other top tourist centers in India. The tourism department is going to make sure that potential guests are attentive to this advantage by gathering the promotional campaigns in key markets like European country, Australia, Japan, Russia, USA and UAE, which can be an excellent boost to tourism.

TVoA enabled with ETA that has been extended to a lot of countries, has spread out wider markets for Southern India especially Kerala, Coorg, Mysore tourism in Asia and Europe.

This is going to boost the business of hospitality centers nearby.


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