Solo Travelling Destinations in India

There are many benefits travelling solo in India. When you’re travelling you will be surrounded with diverse nature and vibrant culture people, so you don’t need anyone to accompany you in the journey. The India culture and traditions motivates and gives you a boost to mingle among the diverse culture people present in India. And nowadays there are many Service apartments and Homestays built around the beauty spots for accommodation. Get to know few top solo destination in India.


Solo Travelling Destinations in India

Manali is a spot wrapped with Nature, with high peak mountains peaking behind lush greenery picturesque. Manali located at an Altitude of 2,050 meters, is also known as popular hill stations in India. Solo travelers get revived by looking at this spot and forget the clamor of the city.


Solo Travelling Destinations in India

Sangla located in the valley of kinnaur district of Himachal Pradesh. The most beautiful thing about this spot is the forested slopes and high mountains. The solo riders will have an adventurous journey in this place.


Solo Travelling Destinations in India

Gulmarg ranging and altitude of 2690 meters, located in Kashmir. Top rated ski destinations in the world. Off course the Solo travelers will not feel bored, unless they love ski world.


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